Larson and Holz LLP – software for brokers and traders

We are constantly developing, looking for new ways and continuously enlarge our process solutions data bank. What is more, we acquire from traders their own inventive developments in this sphere on mutually beneficial terms.

For Brokers

  • Ready, work-proved plug-ins for Metatrader4, Metatrader5.
  • Efficient trading advisers for wide range of problems
  • Narrow-focus trading robots: for trading gold, oil, etc
  • Systems estimating trading commissions and bonuses for clients and partners
  • Report systems for controllers
  • Help with creating your own automatic trading systems
  • Mutual integration of trading platform and CRM platforms
  • Individual adaptation of typical technical solutions
  • Improving informational systems cooperation

For Traders

  • Automatic and semi-automatic trading systems
  • Trend trading experts
  • Counter-trend experts
  • Combined experts
  • Scalping robots
  • Arbitrageurs
  • Consertvative trading robots and robots with enhanced profit rates (involving martingale)
  • Plug-ins for constructing your own robots
  • Developing trading robots for custom tasks
  • Acquiring innovative trading robots from traders